The Europe School Bornheim

"Europe is future, and that is how it should be.
We are the future and dedicated to achieve."

(Excerpt from the school song, Europe School Bornheim)

In 1989 the Europe School Bornheim was founded in Bornheim, a city on the Rhine River between Cologne and Bonn with around 50,000 residents. The school operates as an integrated school encompassing junior high, secondary, and grammar or high schools. Furthermore, the Europe School is one of the integrated schools in North Rhine-Westphalia (one of the states (Bundesländer) in Germany), which qualifies as a fully accredited school with diplomas recognized across Europe.

partnershipOur school includes grades 5 to 13 and pupils of ages 10 to 19. Possible certificates are the general secondary, technical/vocational, and grammar/high school diplomas. Overall 1,400 pupils currently attend the school and are taught by a faculty of 130 teachers. As part of its educational approach, the Europe School places a focus on the European dimension, and therefore it was awarded with the "European Medal" from the European Parliament in Brussels.

The following aspects of the European dimension in education are part of the instruction at the Europe School Bornheim and are applied accordingly in the lessons. Each school espousing European thought must find and define for itself the aspects and outlook for preparing pupils for living in a united Europe. Consequently, this should not represent a mere list; in order to do justice to the mission of a European education, the Europe School Bornheim practices these aspects as well. The awareness of the European dimension in education has grown continuously in our school. This concerns the student body, the faculty, as well as the parents. After a number of years, the Europe School Bornheim has made a name for itself in the population of the city and its region.

Christoph Becker
(headmaster of the Europe School Bornheim)