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Exchange - Bornheim – Alcobendas 2014/15

20. 12. 2014


On Wednesday evening at 10 pm the Spanish exchange students arrived at Cologne/Bonn airport. Because this was the very first meeting, everybody was really excited. So when we walked up to our Spanish exchange students we had a lot questions in our minds:

But everything was fine and we could talk to each other although we did not have enough Spanish skills. All the Spanish people were really friendly and nice.
Everybody was really tired when we got home.

On Thursday, morning it was hard to wake up early for both sides. First destination: Europaschule Bornheim.

At first we wanted to know more about each other. So we talked a lot. Then our principal, Mr. Becker, gave a speech and welcomed all the Spanish exchange students. Then we started our movie project at school. We watched the movie “Made in Dagenham” and after that we talked about “women’s rights”.
When school was finished we all met up together in Brühl to walk through the Christmas market.


On Friday, the Germans had lessons and needed to go there because they have to write exams. All Spanish students went to Bonn. They visited the “House of history” and did a rallye through the city centre of Bonn. The Germans came to Bonn as well when school was finished.

Finally weekend!

On Saturday, afternoon we met in Cologne to visit the Christmas market. After that we went ice-skating and did some shopping in Cologne. Everybody enjoyed it.
On Sunday, we went to Phantasialand, a theme park, in Brühl. We went on many attractions but some people went home early because they needed to study for an exam.

On Monday, the German students stayed in school and the Spanish went by train to Cologne. They visited the famous Cathedral of Cologne and visited the museum of “4711” (Eau de Cologne). Of course, they also went shopping!

The Spanish people did a trip to Brühl and visited the “Max-Ernst-Museum”. They took millions of pictures in front of the famous castle of Brühl.
In the evening we went bowling in Bornheim and had our final dinner in the L’Osteria. It was really funny and delicious.
Our last day was Wednesday: We had a big breakfast together. When we finished having breakfast we did creative movies as a final project of our exchange. At 1 o’clock we said goodbye.

Thanks for everything – and see you soon!

Barbara Meschig und Selin Yener, 10A

Trailer Grupo 1


Trailer Grupo 2