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The fear so far, so close the death

01. 02. 2012


 Eva Mozes Kor today

Referring to the 67 year commemoration day of the liberation of the concentration camp in Auschwitz we visited the reading, Eva Mozes Kor, a Jewish woman and one of the last witnesses of the Holocaust. Thanks to Mr. Korda our Bili history class, grade 13, met at the Literaturhaus in Cologne on Tuesday the 24th of January. Eva Mosez Kor presented her book “Forgiving Mengele” (“Ich habe den Todesengel überlebt”) which retells her life story which is influenced by the inhuman experiments of Dr. Mengele, called “Todesengel”. Since it is a serious topic we thought her reading would create an atmosphere of depression and pity but then in the end it was not like we would have expected it to be.
Eva Mozes Kor was 10 years old when her family was separated. While her parents and her two older siblings died in the gas chambers of the concentration camp in Auschwitz Eva and her twin sister Miriam got in the hands of the KZ doctor Josef Mengele who misused twins for inhuman medical experiments in order to do research concerning the creation of the Arian race. It was unbelievable to hear that Eva and Miriam were injected with several viruses in order to follow the process of the diseases and then compare the development of the organs. On the one hand they were rescued from the gas chambers  in the camps but on the other hand they were so close to death as never before.

Every day was a struggle of survival and only because of her strong will to survive and her courage she managed to get through to this difficult situation in life and made it possible for herself to live on  after the liberation.
On the commemoration, 50 years later she decided to forgive the Nazis among them Dr. Mengele not only for their profit but even more for herself in order to be no victim anymore and have a free and independent life.

Her sister died in 1993 because of the consequences of the experiments, her kidneys never grew any further than to the size of a ten year old child.  
Today the Rumanian Jew lives in Indiana, USA with her husband and two children and has never lost her sense of humor.

After the reading our class met at Mr. Korda’s favorite brewery amongst others to exchange impressions. We realized that we admire her attitude towards forgiveness which can also be traced as her most important message during her reading. We could not have imagined that a reading about a topic like that can still be told in such an optimistic and sometimes even humorous way.
We were totally impressed!!!

Written by Jana Behnke, Carolin Greve and Julia Schwalb